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USB Data Recovery, Flash Drive & USB Pen Drive Repair

USB Data Recovery & Pen Drive Data Recovery

USB pen drives started out as nifty little USB flash disks but just as flash drive capacities have grown so has the need for USB data recovery and pen drive data recovery services.

Flash Drive RecoveryOriginally these flash memory pen drives which were also known as thumb drives where a very useful alternative to having to transfer data from one computer to another by burning a CD or DVD each time. Pen drive capacity has increased far beyond what was imagined when the USB flash disk first came into being, when for example a 1GB USB flash drive was considered the ultimate pen drive storage goal. Nowadays flash drives are exceeding 32 or 64GB capacities which is far greater than the capacity of many desktop computers still in use today.

Pen drives however are the victim of the very reason for their popularity which is mobile storage. Drives can very easily become damaged especially while they are connected to a USB port and it is not uncommon for the drive to be bent, breaking the internal connectors within the device.

Pen Drive Repair

Pen drive repair is a viable option but in reality and in a lot of cases pen drive repairs tend to be a temporary means of accessing the valuable data stored on the flash memory chips so that data recovery can be successfully carried out. Micro electronics experts can access the very fragile PCB (Printed Circuit Board) tracks and effect a repair to allow the transfer of data onto other suitable storage media or a new USB flash drive.

USB Recovery & Pen Drive Data Recovery

USB data recovery techniques vary from traditional hard drive recovery practices and often require bypassing the memory controller (which is often the root cause for failure), to enable file recovery directly from the memory chips which may still be in perfect working order, although they cannot be read due to the problems with the drive.

If multiple chips are present on the drive then the memory stick recovery process becomes more complex but our flash drive recovery technicians are very experienced in flash memory recovery and have been providing data recovery services to business, students and home users for many years.

USB pen drive recovery prices start from as little as £95 + vat for deleted file recovery / devices that require some form of repair. More complex recoveries are priced higher. We also offer a no data no fee policy to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our pricing structure is explained on our Recovery Prices page.

Simply give us a call for a free quote or fill in the contact form and we'll get back to you giving you an outline of what can be done and the costs involved..

Pen Drive Data Recovery Software

There are a variety of pen drive recovery programs available on the market if you prefer to adopt the DIY approach but these need to be used with caution. Please read our pen drive data recovery software page before attempting to use these programs.


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We are confident that we can retrieve data from pretty much ALL data loss scenarios and from the vast majority of pen drives and flash memory.

To ensure absolute client confidence and satisfaction we offer a full

No Data No Fee Guarantee

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