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No Data No Fee Guarantee

Pen Drive Data Recovery

No Recovery - No Fee Guarantee which ensures that you will not be charged a "Recovery Fee" if no data is recovered from your faulty / failed usb pen drive.

What does this mean?

It means that we will only charge a "Recovery Fee" IF we successfully recover the information from the device that you are looking to recover - subsequent to any recovery being made we email you a file list of recoverable data for you to approve. Once this is done and you are happy that your missing files and pictures are recovered we will arrange immediate return of your data once the charges have been paid.

Our "Recovery Fees"

  • Recovery from failed USB Memory Stick or Flash Device - from £79

NB VAT is to be added to all our charges

Will I ever be charged upfront?

Yes - in some circumstances you will be. We only charge upfront in two circumstances

  1. Where a device has previously been to another data recovery company or had software already run on the device.

  2. Where your failed device is a SanDisk make. This is due to the fact that certain SanDisk flash media have encryption placed on the controller. In these cases we charge a upfront diagnostic payment of £45+vat

It is exceedingly rare that parts are required for flash device recovery (USB Memory Sticks and SD Cards). However, parts are sometimes required, and we charge these at the costs price we incur. Therefore you can be assured we make no profit on these, merely we pass the cost of these on.

What happens if you only recover some files?

Occasionally a "partial recovery" is made form a failed device. This is quite rare but in the event that not all data is recoverable we will reduce our fee in line with what we feel is the completeness of the recovery. For example if we recovered say 200 photo's from a failed SD card from your recent holiday and you had actually lost 400 we would in likelihood reduce the fee.

What if you recover data / images but they are not what I required?

If this is the case then there is nothing to pay and the data that is recovered / recoverable is destroyed from our servers and the device will be either destroyed at your request or we will return it to you for a courier fee of £10+vat. (Please note all returned devices are returned in a non repaired state.)












No Fee Policy                

We are confident that we can retrieve data from pretty much ALL data loss scenarios and from the vast majority of pen drives and flash memory. drives.

To ensure absolute client confidence and satisfaction we offer a full

No Data No Fee Guarantee

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